Allan Mere Award for 1994:

Patricia Anne Brooke (1929–2011)

Patricia Brooke, Allan Mere recipient for 1994.
Left: photo from the Botany Division Triennial Report, recording that Pat retired 19 July 1989.
Right: taken when author shots were created for Peter Johnson and Pat Brooke’s book Wetland plants in New Zealand, first published in 1989. Photographed by Robert Lamberts, DSIR Lincoln photographer.
Photos: © Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research.

“Pat Brooke joined Botany Division at Dunedin in 1982, and two years later moved to Lincoln. She has illustrated two major books on the New Zealand flora, and many other publications. Her posters and cards have been excellent publicity for Botany Division, which has benefitted greatly from her happy combination of scientific accuracy and artistic flair.”

Citation reproduced from the Allan Mere awards book.